Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bus fare will be hiked

In the wake of the report of NATPAC, the state government will hike the bus fare immediately, said Transport Minister Jose Thettayil.

Talking to reporters in the district, he said a decision on hiking the students� concession will be taken later.

A permanent regulatory commission will be formed to hike the bus fare at the appropriate time. This commission will be formulated on the model of Electricity Regulatory Commission, Telephone Regulatory Authority of India, etc.

Steps will be taken to avoid the burden of drivers, who work continuously.

The government secretary has been instructed to consider any complaints pertaining to charge hike. Cabinet sub-committee will arrive at final decision only after getting the report of NATPAC. The government is also considering launching season ticket facility like the one in trains.

The detailed NATPAC report pertaining to the hike in bus charge will be handed to the government on Monday.

The government is expected to increase the minimum bus fare to Rs 4. But when taken into account the NATPAC report which studied the expenses of running the buses, it is learnt that the minimum charge may be raised further.

The cabinet sub-committee convened on Tuesday will finalise the clear picture of the fare hike.

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