Thursday, January 28, 2010

Government is helping encroachments at Munnar - Oomman Chandy

Oomman Chandy, opposition leader alleged that the government is helping encroachments at Munnar. He was speaking to the media after visiting the encroached areas. The opposition leader alleged that the government lacks sincerity regarding actions in Munnar. The present need is action and not task forces.

The government must have the political will to keep its word. He pledged all support for the government attempts for take back all the land encroached by TATA.

He alleged that the government officials have failed to protect the government land. The encroachers have even removed the board set by the CM. This is a big shame for the government.

He took on the government for trying to make publicity stunt and refrain from any sort of action. Chandy warned that if the present condition continues then Munnar would become a glorious past.

Earlier Chandy pledged all support to the just actions to evict encroachers from Munnar. Chandy was speaking to the reporters here before proceeding to visit various places. He opined that encroachment and act of emigration should not be seen in one angle. Small scale traders should not be evicted in the name of encroachment. Such an act is equal to troubling them without reason.

Chandy assured all sort of support from the opposition for all legal and just actions from the government�s part to evict the encroachments. The opposition leader visited the encroached lands at Pallavasal, Chinnakanal and Lakshmi estate.

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