Sunday, August 21, 2011

North Indian students attacked at AMU Malappuram

In an incident that may shock the proponents of AMU regional centres, about a dozen North Indian students were brutally beaten up by local students at the Malappuram (Kerala) study centre of Aligarh Muslim University on Wednesday (10th August). As the attack was allegedly led by son of a Muslim League leader, neither AMU nor district authorities have taken any action in the case. Student bodies have condemned the incident and demanded swift action from the authorities of AMU.

According to media reports, a group of local students of AMU Malappuram centre violently attacked on the students of Uttar Pradesh studying at the centre on regional animosity. More than 11 students were reportedly injured and 3 among them are in serious conditions. The seriously injured students are from Aligarh and Hathras districts of UP.

A section of Hindi media reported that the lead instigator of this violent clash is the son of a Central University VC and the son of a prominent Muslim League leader of the state. It is said that due to the local biasness and the case being linked with high profile academician and politician of Kerala, the Kerala Govt is not swift in taking action against the attackers.

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