Sunday, August 8, 2010

Department of Posts enters new domains

KOCHI: The Department of Posts has introduced services such as business post, logistics post, retail post, instant money order and international money transfer. It is also engaged in sale of gold coins and railway tickets, say officials of India Post.

Instant money orders allow web-based money transfer through post offices between two resident individuals within the country. Amounts from Rs.1,000 to Rs.50,000 can be transferred from designated post offices by means of a 16-digit secret number. The international money transfer service is being operated in collaboration with Western Union Financial Services. It facilitates instant remittance of money from 185 countries to India. The recipients can, in fact, collect the money in minutes after the sender has made the remittance. The service is aimed at fulfilling the needs of NRI-dependent families, international tourists and foreign students studying in India. Under the service, a remitter pays the amount at Western Union outlets and gets a money transfer control number. The sender can call up the payee and give the number, after which the money can be collected from the post office concerned. This entire process can be completed within 10 minutes. Business post provides a convenient mail service for small businesses and large companies. Customers can choose from a range of cost-effective and professional mailing services, including printing, sealing and addressing, to suit the business needs. Logistics Post can cater to any demand for moving goods, parcels and consignments in terms of delivery deadline and quality of service. It offers the facility for anytime monitoring of the status of the post. The customers can send their consignments either in full truck load or less, one parcel or multi-parcels, based on their requirements.

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