Saturday, August 7, 2010

Do not criticise judiciary unfairly\'

Kochi: Union Minister of State for Agriculture K.V. Thomas on Saturday said that criticism of the judiciary beyond all limits would destabilise the democratic system of the country.

Inaugurating the silver jubilee celebrations of the Central Administrative Tribunal, organised by the Ernakulam Bench and CAT Advocates Association, he said that the duty of the judiciary was to analyse and interpret the laws enacted by the legislatures. The judiciary delivered its verdicts after considering the merits of the law. Therefore, criticism of the judiciary would only weaken the democratic system.

The Minister said that instead of debating the bills and helping enact flawless laws, the members of Parliament and Assemblies often indulged in creating uproarious scenes and rushing to the well of the Houses. He said that the judiciary could not be blamed for delivering a verdict based on a law enacted by the legislature unless the legislature made flawless laws. The judiciary is one of the pillars which strengthened the democratic system in the country.

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