Sunday, January 17, 2010

First export-oriented ornamental fish park is slated to come up near Kochi

The country�s first export-oriented ornamental fish park is slated to come up near Kochi shortly. Close to 10 acres of land besides the Kochi International Airport has been identified for the project by the Kerala State Fisheries Department.

A study conducted by the Department has found that the water quality at the site is ideal for setting up the aqua park.

The concept known as Aqua Technology Park will have several fish breeding units within the precinct of a larger production and marketing complex. In addition to this central unit, the proposed model park will also encompass a number of smaller units, each having an area of 0.5 hectares.

While the main units will have common facilities such as water, electricity, laboratory and quarantine facilities, the satellite farms will be the major production centres, where much of the ornamental fish will be reared and propagated.

While providing aquaculture entrepreneurs with ready-to-use site to establish rearing, nurturing and procurement facilities, the park will serve as a platform to explore international markets, invite business delegates and market ornamental fish to the global market.

The Park itself is expected to function as a hub for export of ornamental fish, while the actual breeding, propagation and rearing of ornamental fish will take place in satellite farms and homesteads.

A joint venture involving the Department of Fisheries, the Fisheries Resources Management Society (FIRMA), the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation, the IDBI and the Small Industries Development Bank of India is planned, to carry forward the venture. KSIDC will be the bid manager for the implementation of the entire project.

Ornamental fish business is among of the fastest growing business in the world with a global annual turnover of $4.5 billion. While India�s role in this market is very limited, China is a very dominant player.

There is fast growing demand for ornamental fishes from Europe, the Gulf countries and South-East Asian countries, which the country is ideally positioned to exploit.

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