Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Malabar on canvas

KOCHI: Facets of nostalgic Malabar memories have been reproduced on canvas in all their vividness by a group of artists from across the country. Kala Kendra, a Delhi-based forum of artists, in association with Centre for Heritage Studies, is conducting an artists workshop at the Hill Palace complex. The workshop began on March 4 and will conclude on March 10.

�We have been working together for the past few years under the banner �Kala Kendra� in Delhi, and this workshop is our first venture. It aims to provide maximum exposure for upcoming artists, said Shaji Punchathu, chairman of Kala Kendra. We have been charting various projects like seminars and get-togethers of artists from entirely different cultural arenas and the documenting of the languishing fine art forms spread over India,� he said.

�A theme-based painting workshop may clip the creative wings of an artist,� Shaji observes.

�But here we are trying to explore entirely different views and angles of artists on a particular cultural scenario of Kerala rooted in tradition - the landscape of Kannur and nearby remote villages.� The works progressing in the workshop depict the visual magic evolved from the aesthetic views of a handful of artists. As the theme revolves around the Malabar belt, a common element is evident in all the works, irrespective of whether they are abstract or realistic in treatment - the intensity of the colours, which is the identity of North Malabar. In his work Suresh Koothuparambu tries to depict the conventional concept of North Malabar through an abstract work. Sculptor Suresh has tried to create the gigantic image of a traditionally dressed Malabar woman using the flat surface technique in painting

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