Friday, March 12, 2010

Public cautioned against heat exhaustion

KANNUR: Health officials here on Friday urged the people to take precaution against heat-related illness in view of the reports of heat exhaustion in different parts of the State.

The District Medical Office here cautioned that adults and children should take adequate precautionary measures to prevent sun stroke and heat exhaustion as many parts of the State, including Kannur district, recorded high temperature. Seven students of a school attached to an orphanage near Irikkur here developed signs of heat exhaustion on Friday. They developed skin rashes and showed signs of exhaustion, giddiness and nausea.

Those working outdoor for hours without break were advised to schedule their activities so as to avoid sunstroke and heat exhaustion. People working in hot environment should take adequate rest in a shady place amidst work.

Children should avoid playing in the sunlight. The public should increase their fluid intake during travel and work. Pedestrians should wear caps and sun glasses and carry umbrellas, the release said. Anyone experiencing sudden dizziness, headache, skin rashes and muscle cramps should seek medical treatment, the release said.

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