Friday, March 5, 2010

Lounge by the lake

Kumarakom has been a favourite holiday choice of many including former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee. Whispering Palms Lake Resort of the Abad Group on the side of the seemingly never-ending Vembanad Lake is tailor-made for the urbanite who yearns for quiet, yet fancies the pleasures of the city.

As you drive in, the narrow roads, small shops and cattle chewing cud give way to a manicured drive-in, a spacious lobby that tempts you to eschew the comfortable chairs for the parapet on all sides where the breeze lulls you to sleep. And the lake? You wonder whether its the sea, for it goes on and on.

The cottages are well-built with bathrooms that have netted roofs that open to the sky and have bathtubs. The verandah that faces the lake is the right place to relax with a book. One does not feel like being indoors, with the outdoors so full of life and Nature. Flamingos, geese, ducks and wild fowl frequent the lagoon.

There are 12 lake-facing cottages, 36 lagoon- and garden-facing ones, bamboo villas, three of which have private pools. There are two suites. All are air-conditioned.

At the multi-cuisine restaurant, opt for the mouth-watering Kerala dishes such as the fresh fish curries and crispy fried prawns

Houseboats are lined up on the lake. And should you wish to go fishing, you can, with a fishing line, of course, not on the boat, but from the banks of the lake! There is a big pool to swim in a few feet awayfrom the lake. The ayurvedic rejuvenation centre, health club, conference hall and travel desk are the additional facilities.

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