Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thilakan replaced with Hindi actor

Hindi actor Rajath Kapoor has replaced Thilakan in the international project Dam 999 directed by Sohan Roy. Rajath has already started shooting for the movie, which tells about the lives of nine persons living in the premises of a Dam, during British India.

Meanwhile, director Sohan Roy has personally intimated Thilakan who is staying in the hotel with the crew, about the replacement. But Thilakan who asks for the compensation also demanded the reasons for his removal from the movie in written form. I just want to make this incident a part of Mollywood movie history and that is why I am insisting for a written statement and compensation said Thilakan.

The director Sohan Roy has said it was a very sad decision from their part which was forced upon us by the Malayalam film industry associations. Anyhow we have decided to pay the hotel rent of the actor, for any number of days he wants to stay with the crew.

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