Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Relocation of bus stops mooted

KOZHIKODE: The Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Programme (KSUDP) has proposed relocating of several bus stops to solve traffic congestion in the city.

Officials at a meeting held here on Wednesday suggested relocating of the bus stops near the Office of the Commissioner of Police and Stadium Junction on Pavamani Road. Likewise, the bus stops at MCC Bank Junction, West Hill-Chungam, Puthiyangadi and Payyanakkal on National Highway 17 and the bus stops at Civil Station on Indira Gandhi Road Junction and East Nadakkavu on National Highway 212 should be relocated, the officials said.

KSUDP project manager K. Narayanan and retired superintending engineer K.K. Vijayan said the existing bus stops at Pottamal Junction on Mavoor Road, Railway Station Junction on Railway Station Road and Kalluthankadavu, Mankavu and Meenchanda on Mini Bypass Road should be shifted to less traffic zones.

On the basis of a study carried out, they also proposed the relocation of the Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) stands in the city. The autorickshaws and taxis at the IPT stands contribute to traffic congestion at the arterial junctions. The existing IPT locations that have been identified are at Arayadathupalam Junction on Mini Bypass, Pottammal Junction on Mavoor Road, West Hill Junction on National Highway 17 and Poonthanam Junction on Rammohan Road.

Mr. Vijayan also proposed the rerouting of public transport at two places. Diverting a section of buses through National Highway 212 between Eranhipalam and Nadakkavu through the Mini Bypass�Kottaram road will provide connectivity to the Passport Office, Sales Tax Office and the Accountant Generals Office. Similarly, diverting some buses through Beach Road from Vengali will increase public transport connectivity to the Corporation office and Kozhikode beach, Mr. Vijayan, said.

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