Friday, February 19, 2010

Malayali terrorist Sabir caught in Bangladesh

Highly placed sources hint that the key terrorist in charge of terrorist activities in South India, K P Sabir alias Ayub of Kannur, has been under the custody of Bangladesh.

National Investigation Agency (NIA) had earlier found out that Sabir was somewhere near the India-Bangladesh border.

Sabir was caught with the help of Bangladesh Detective Branch. Nazir and Shafaz were also caught by Bangladesh Detective Branch.

Last month Sabir had made phone calls to Kerala. He made calls to the number 9388820202 used earlier by Sufiya Madhani. He used Hindi and Urdu in these calls and the duration of the calls were hardly one minute. NIA, central investigation agencies and police found that the mobile number Sabir used belonged to a fisherwoman. NIA officers who tapped the telephone heard the voice of Sabir enquiring where “Ustad” was, and when there was no reply he became unhappy.

It was Sabir who directed Nazir and others. Sabir was charged along with Nazir in Nayanar murder attempt case. It is he who planted bomb at Coimbatore Press Club.

Sabir fled to Dubai when police tried to catch Indian Mujahideen activists. He frequently changed his hideout and had resided in a few gulf countries.

A native of Aluva, Sabir stayed along with Nazir in Pune. A few months ago he with two others hid in a religious centre. He had left Kerala before 10 years.

Sabir, who got training by ISI, has skill in using GPS (Global Positioning System) and secret communication system.

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