Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mohanlal speaks against Thilakan by supporting Mammootty

Superstar Mohanlal has finally broken the silence that the Big M's had maintained for the last few weeks regarding the controversy raised by actor Thilakan. Mohanlal, while interacting with a prominent daily yesterday said that Megastar Mammootty's silence in the Thilakan issue should not be mistaken as cowardice. Mammootty is maintaining a silence merely because of the respect that the industry has towards Thilakan as a senior actor. Mohanlal also said that Mammootty would never snatch a role from Thilakan, and added that most people in the industry have had first hand experience regarding Mammootty's goodness. He said that if there was an attempt to isolate Mammootty, he would strongly oppose it. It was not on Mammootty's behest that AMMA issued a notice to Thilakan. On the other hand it was because Thilakan had repeatedly caused injury to the association's reputation. Mohanlal affirmed that attempts to break up AMMA would be sternly dealt with. He also spoke in support of the fans' associations, when he said that it was not right to blame the fans' association for some anonymous phone call that someone receives.

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