Tuesday, March 23, 2010

IPL investors look for profits, sports gets lost: P T Usha

CHENNAI: Keralas cricket may have received a shot in the arm with little-known Rendezvous Sports World Limited adding commercial hub Kochi to the

Indian Premier League, but legendary sprint queen P.T. Usha sees it as pure business and a dampener to the efforts to revive the states glorious past in athletics.

Those who invested money in the IPL look for profits. The players will never feel that they are representing the country. If I invest my money, I will surely look for ways to recover the investment, Usha told media.

The love for sports gets lost, she added, pointing out that the investments made by the IPL team owners are close to budgets of small states and three-fourths of the investment for the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth Games.

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