Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Panel to monitor earth removal mooted

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Local Self-Government Department has mooted the formation of municipal-level technical committees to redress complaints regarding removal of earth for construction of multi-storeyed buildings in the State.

A decision in this regard was taken in the wake of complaints against a stipulation in the Kerala Municipality Building rules that the consent of the neighbour should be secured before engaging in removal of earth of a depth of more than 1.5 metres. Following protest against the provision by builders and developers, the Local Self-Government Department elicited their views and amended the rules.

The provision was initially included in the rules in view of complaints that digging and piling operations posed a threat to weak and old structures near construction sites of multi-storeyed buildings. The rules said the developer should make amends for any damage caused to the neighbouring structures due to such operations.

As per revised rules, prior consent of the neighbours is not mandatory for constructing wells, septic tank, recharge pits, compound wall and the like.

The application for securing permit for development or construction should be submitted along with a certificate of the architect, designer or the engineer who prepares the plan. The applicants have to furnish sectoral drawings and specifications showing the level and depth of digging at all places. The secretary of the local self-government institution will be the convener of the expert committee proposed to deal with the complaints.

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