Saturday, July 3, 2010

A trip to explore the splendours of coconut

KOCHI: The Coconut Development Board has evolved a scheme to explore the splendours of coconuts. The board is planning to set up projects in association with agencies in the tourism, food and handicrafts sectors.

A pilot project, named �Coconut Trail, is to be launched at Kumbalangi. The project envisages a package for providing a unique experience in a location where coconut and the products derived from it will be the prime attraction, according to Ananda Bose, chairman of the Board.

The scenic location will have coconut trees of different types and the visitors will get an opportunity to climb the trees if they desire so. Climbing the palm tree is a splendid exercise and at a time when the State is facing lack of manpower suited for the job, the sporty event could generate a lot of interest among the people.

A �nalukettu, a house built in the traditional method, will be open to the visitors. It could give insight into the environment-friendly construction practices.

The wood of the coconut tree finds ample use in the conventional construction methods.

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