Thursday, July 1, 2010

Youth urged to protect environment

Thiruvananthapuram: Forest Minister Benoy Viswom has reminded the youth of their responsibility to protect the earth and its environment and preserve them for future generations.

Speaking after inaugurating the Bhoomitra Club set up by the government and the University of Kerala at the Santhigiri Sidha Medical College here on Thursday, he exhorted students to take the initiative to share knowledge on the environment and protect it.

The Bhoomitra Club scheme has been launched by the government to encourage activities focussing on environment protection at the college level.

�Global warming is a result of mankinds skewed approach to development. It is important to protect the natural environment while taking up development activities. The tree planting campaign in Kerala is our response to a global crisis. By protecting trees, we ensure the survival of mankind, the Minister said.

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