Monday, July 5, 2010

A blast on a single stroke

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: At a time when motorbikes have gone from two-stroke to four-stroke engines, a group of students at the Mohandas College of Engineering and Technology have put together a �single-stroke engine which they have christened the �blaster engine.

The way it is designed, the �blaster will produce power during each stroke of the piston; two power strokes, that is, for each revolution of the crank shaft.

This, a note prepared by the students said, is achieved by a dual combustion chamber in the single cylinder engine.

The blaster � developed by J. Deepak, T. A. Sreeganesh, Rothit Raj, Anish Thomas and Jithin Subash � also generates more power. Since it generates more power strokes in comparison to two-, four- or six-stroke engines and since there are no �idle strokes, the blaster is able to generate more power, the note said.

Consequently, the team says, this engine is more suited for two-wheelers for which power is king. The team says the power generated by their blaster is equivalent to that generated by a two-cylinder, two-stroke engine. Added benefit? A saving on space.

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