Monday, July 5, 2010

Social networking turns popular

KOCHI: Easy access to the Internet and GPRS-enabled phones has thrown open several avenues to stay connected and updated to our social surroundings. Social networking has become very popular among the young people in the city.

The Internet has certainly changed the way we live our lives, by providing us with a trove of information available anywhere. This has revolutionised our information demands and the way we interact with other people. Social networking has redefined the way we look at friendships.

A young tech-savvy professional, Keerthi Varier, says, �Social networking is crucial as I cant be expected to keep in touch with everyone over phone or mail. This is a medium by which I can collectively let people know what I want to convey, which is easier than 400 SMS or e-mails. Govind Menon, a college-goer echoed the same opinion. According to him, �These sites help me keep in touch with my friends however far way they are.�

Thats not the only aspect which has made social networking over the Internet popular and widely used. Sidharth Babu, an engineering student says, �Previously, while taking an online quiz only you would know your scores but now you can tell your friends and even share it with them. So you will know where you stand. These sites are user friendly and very easy to navigate.�

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