Thursday, July 8, 2010

Latin Catholic diocese to be active in civic polls

Thiruvananthapuram: The Latin Catholic diocese will play a key role in the upcoming local body elections to ensure that the Latin Catholic community is not alienated from the mainstream and also to ensure that the community is adequately represented at the administrative level in local bodies, Metropolitan Archbishop of Thiruvananthapuram and president of the Kerala Region Latin Catholic Council (KRLCC) Susaipakiam has said.

At a press conference held here on Thursday to announce the agenda of the 16 {+t} {+h} general body and Rights Convention of the KRLCC, which is being held in the city from July 9 to 11, Dr. Susaipakiam said the diocese had decided to become active participants in the local body elections as there was a general feeling that the Latin Catholic community continued to be neglected and remained on the fringes of mainstream society as the diocese was not taking a pro-active role in the political processes.

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