Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saphalyam award presented

KOCHI: Shahul Hamid has won the award for best story for his work �Sugandhangalude Ullarakal in a competition organised by Saphalyam, a literary magazine run by senior journalists in the State.

The award was presented by writer and critic M. K. Sanoo. Awards should be given to young people, he said as it encourages them to be more involved in their work.

The judges panel including Chowalloor Krishnankutty, Jose Panachippuram and M. K. Harikumar who had selected the story �Kalbaishakhi� by Deepa M. for the award had to drop the writer from the list after the story lost out on technical grounds as it was published in two publications earlier. Hamids story that was selected for the second spot was given the award.

E. S. Jose, who presented a memento to the winner, also spoke. P. A. Alexander, Editor of Saphalyam, proposed a vote of thanks.

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