Thursday, July 22, 2010

Two H1N1 deaths in city

Thiruvananthapuram: Two deaths due to H1N1 infection were confirmed in the city on Thursday. Premkumar, 54, a resident of Judge Nagar road, Karamana, and Premalatha, 49, of Melethil Veedu, Thirumala , had died at the Medical College hospital on July 19, where they had been admitted with fever and breathlessness.

The district has so far reported 65 confirmed cases of H1N1 infection, in its second spell this year (since May). The death toll due to H1N1 in the district is 11. Now that the epicentre of the infection has shifted to northern districts, fewer cases are being reported here. However, crowds can still be seen at the H1N1 screening centre at the General Hospital.

The Health Department has directed all doctors that treatment with Oseltamivir be started without delay in all cases of fever which last over two days, especially if the throat or respiratory tract is involved.

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