Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet Kerala\'s Super Dancer! \'I was never confident about the solo performances\' \'At the end of the Wild West round, Kala master gifted me Rs 100\' \'The greatest thing I learnt was getting along with others\'

Aswin J Kumar in Kochi

It was Midhun Lals incredible resemblance to legendary Michael Jackson that first struck the judges and viewers of Amrita Super Dancer 2.

As the show progressed, his incredible twists and twirls on the stage made him a hot favourite for the title among the 16 contestants.

When the curtains of Amrita Super Dancer 2 came down on March 7, it was again this 19-year-old lad from Thiruvanathapuram who had the last laugh as he walked away with the much coveted title Amrita Super dancer 2010.

Popularly known as Midh, Midhun was simply spell binding throughout the show and on the final stage he seemed almost invincible compared to the other three finalists.

The eldest son of Devarajan and Thankam, Midh believes that he would not have done it but for the almightys grace and the support of his parents and friends.

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