Friday, July 30, 2010

Surprise harvest for paddy farmer

KOLLAM: A farmer at Umayanallur in the outskirts of Kollam city has harvested over 200 kg of paddy without sowing his field.

Talking to The Hindu, B. Sasindrababu said he was simply overwhelmed by the harvest on 60 cents of paddy fields in the Umayanallur wetlands. He said the field was cultivated last year with Uma variety paddy and harvested in January this year. He later decided to leave the field fallow as the January harvest was a loss. With the onset of the monsoon, Mr. Sasindrababu noticed a rich spout of paddy.

These sprouts were from paddy that was dropped down while collecting the sheaves during the last harvest season. Though these may sprout later, they never turn into a crop that can be harvested.

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