Friday, June 25, 2010

Superstars ruining industry: Vinayan

KOCHI: Film director Vinayan has said that the unchecked supremacy of �superstars is ruining the Malayalam film industry.

Speaking at the audio launch of his new movie, �Yakshiyum Njanum, he said the superstars should give way to new actors. They should be satisfied as they had already made crores from the industry. They should show the courage to take leave and give opportunities for the youth, Mr. Vinayan said.

Stating that leading film directors and producers had tried not to ensure a smooth release of his new movie, the director said that he had earned the wrath of such people for speaking against super stars and voicing support for the rights of the workers in the Malayalam film industry in his earlier capacity as chairman of Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MACTA) Federation.Mr. Vinayan said that he would continue to speak against the ill-practices in the industry. Referring to the ongoing differences between the producers association and the State Film Exhibitors Federation, he said that many producers were making films even without spending a single penny thanks to the exhibitors who fund their projects by providing money as advance.

Such producers have to ensure that the exhibitors do not lose their money by investing in those projects, he said.

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