Friday, May 21, 2010

Sandhya goes back to Malayalam?

By Moviebuzz | Friday, 21 May , 2010, 11:59

When the going is tough the tough gets going!

Sandhya, better known as Kadhal Sandhya is plainly unlucky in terms of big films, heroes and banners in Kollywood. In spite of being a fine actress with grasp over the language, film makers are avoiding her and going for glamour girls from Mumbai and neighbouring states.

Sandhya tried her luck in Kannada with Aaptha Rakshaka but inspite of the film turning out to be a blockbuster, she did not get the credit for it. Director P.Vasu who was singing hosannas about her performance did not repeat her in the Telugu version of the film and instead took another actress to do the same role.

Now Sandhya has no films on hand in all the three languages and she has gone to Malayalam where she has started work on a new film titled College Days with Indrajeet as hero.

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