Tuesday, April 20, 2010

7 Malayalees in local council election of May 6

LONDON: Seven Malayalees are prepared to contest in the election to Londons local council.

Balan N Sisupalan, Omana Gangadharan, Nanoo Rajendran, Manju Shahulhameed, Jose Alexander, Biju Gopinath and Binoy Gopinath are the Malayalee candidates for the local election to be held on May 6.

Omana Gangadharan (present Councilor), Nanoo Rajendran, Manju Shahulhameed are the candidates of Labour Party. The new face Jose Alexander is also a Labour Party candidate.

Biju Gopinath and Binoy Gopinath are contesting for the Conservative Party.

Balan N Sisupalan is the candidate of Liberal Democratic Party. He is a senior Malayalee politician who was a councillor of Haringey council for 1994-98 and was the chairman of Environment committee.

Omana Gangadharan who has been the councilor for the last two years is contesting for the third time. She is also a writer hailing from Changanassery. She had worked as a civic ambassador to New Home Council.

Nanoo Rajendran hails from Edava near Varkala in Kerala. Having been the councilor of Croydon in East London for the last two years, Nanoo is for his third chance there.

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