Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Malayalam film industry needs new blood: Sibi Malayil

KOCHI: The crisis-ridden Malayalam Film Industry needs new blood in various fields, including acting and direction, well-known film director Sibi Malayil Wednesday said.

There is need for new directors, technicians, actors in Malayalam cinema. New promising directors, who venture into the field, are not being given enough encouragement, Malayil told reporters here.

In Malayalam, there are very few good artistes, unlike in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. They have 10-20 good actors to choose from, he said asking the media to promote enterprising directors and young actors.

Malayil, said T D Dasan STD VI B, by debutant director Mohan Raghavan, was different from routine films which should be encouraged. Very few Malayalam films are becoming a hit now. This is a film which is different and has received positive response from the audience, he said.

The Malayalam film industry needs these types of films to survive, he said adding the film had a unique screenplay and a different treatment.

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