Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tremendous loss of Biodiversity if Athirapally Project happens

TPURAM: Even as there are arguments for proposed Athirapally hydroelectric project against the backdrop of projected power-shortage that the State will face, Kerala State Biodiversity Board has indicated that the value of biodiversity at the region that may immerse under water once the project is materialized is more than Rs 500 crore per year.

Athirapally hydroelectric project aims at generating 163 MW. The expense calculated is Rs 385 crore. Such a project demanding huge amount will in no way be a substitute for the existing forest and water ecosystems.

This 500 crore rupees is considered as the expense that would have to be met through services such as the distribution of drinking water, irrigation, dumping of waste materials, controlling water erosion, raw materials, food production and the availability of traditional resources.

The State Biodiversity Board in its note to the State government stated that this amount is calculated as per the criterion recognized globally put forward by �Nature�, a world famous British scientific journal.

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