Friday, June 18, 2010

Jailbreak: criminal to be brought to Kannur

KANNUR: The arrest of T.H. Riyaz, 26, at Kasaragod on Thursday, a day after the arrest of his cell mate Jayanandan with whom he escaped on June 14, followed dramatic scenes, including a car chase.

A hardcore criminal, Riyaz, was arrested from Kasaragod by a special team led by Deputy Superintendent of Police P. Vikram at 8 p.m. If the daredevil escape of Riyaz and Jayanandan from the Central Jail here on June 14 exposed a major security lapse on the part of the jail authorities, the dramatic arrests of both within days of their escape have brought accolades to the police.

Superintendent of Police in Kasaragod P. Prakash told reporters in Kasaragod on Friday that the special team that had nabbed the absconding criminals was assisted by the special squad investigating temple burglary cases. He was trying to escape in an Alto car on Thursday night when he was captured by the police team, Mr. Prakash said

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