Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain in Tamil Nadu, high prices in city

Kozhikode: The market price of vegetables in the city shows no sign of climbing down. Wholesale and retail dealers say that a respite is unlikely in the coming months too as supply from Tamil Nadu will only drop due to adverse climate conditions.

Drumstick costs Rs.45 a kg as against the Rs.28 or thereabouts for the past six months. The price of elephant yam is also witnessing an unexpected rise and now stands at Rs.35 a kg. �Local production of vegetables has come down drastically. Hence a decline in price in the near future can be ruled out. Earlier, many farmers used to supply drumsticks to the market. Not any more, says Raghu Uthaman, a vegetable vendor in Kozhikode. He, however, adds that the buyers are willing to cope and have stopped being choosy.

In-demand vegetables like beans, cabbage, beetroot and bitter gourd now figure on the �expensive list. According to vendors, the price of beans rose by Rs.25 a kg within six months. Beetroot is close behind, shooting up from Rs.15 to Rs.24 in the same span.

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