Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alleged blast at place of worship

Thiruvananthapuram: The police have launched a quiet inquiry into allegations that the �sound of an explosion was heard from the precincts of a religious place of worship in the city recently.

Some local people, who claimed to have heard the blast, informed the police. They alleged that some radical elements had tested a crude bomb at the site. No casualty or damage to property was reported. The police have received no complaint from the custodians of the place. They were likely to forensically examine the spot for bomb residue if more evidence emerged.

Law enforcers were concerned that explosives acquired legitimately for quarrying and fabrication of fireworks were diverted for illegal purposes.

Bursting crackers at places of worship was a means of livelihood for scores of people. Some of them stocked low-grade gunpowder without licence or even after their licence period expired.

There was a pressing need to audit their stocks and, if necessary, review their licences, officials feel.

The police detected 31 instances of violation of the Explosives Act in 2009. The number this year till May is 10.

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