Thursday, April 29, 2010

AG backs off from Thachankary case

KOCHI: Giving a new angle to the Thachankary issue, CP Sudhakara Prasad, Advocate General informed the government of his inconvenience to present the case.

Sudhakara Prasad requested the government to relieve him of the charge considering the controversies surrounding the case. Additional Advocate General would be representing the government in the case. Manoj Kumar, government pleader too requested to relieve him from the case. Allegations were there that the AG had failed in filing the original affidavit before the CAT and the government pleader did not present the governments views in the case.

The state government would approach the high court today against the central administrative tribunal verdict staying the suspension of Tomin J Thachankary IPS. Office of the Advocate General informed that the plea would be moved as soon as consent from the chief secretary is obtained. The government would be seeking squashing of the state government order

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