Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pressure on Joseph group to leave LDF

TPURAM: Following news from the Kerala Congress last week about the merger of Joseph group with Mani group, the newest news has to tell about the plight of the Joseph group that pressures it to leave the LDF haven.

The P J Joseph group hitherto has not rejected the news of the merger. The CPI (M), leading the Left Democratic Front (LDF), is nonetheless not taking steps to retain Joseph group either. This should be read along with the stance of CPI (M) on year 2000 when they tried their best to restrain Joseph group from dissolving in Mani group. Even an agreement between P J Joseph and K M Mani took place at Kumarakom in Kottayam district then, but merger did not happen.

But this time CPI (M) has not taken a redeemer�s role. Moreover, LDF Convenor Vaikom Viswom had said that it is not fair to discuss about a merger while remaining at the LDF side.

Strengthening the CPM�s present stance, party�s mouthpiece in its weekly report conveyed its good wishes to those who are leaving the Front. The report says: �All who raise the flag of caste and religion are treading towards Right. The left front after all the dirt is gone will reach a situation of gold which underwent fire burn

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