Monday, June 14, 2010

Rs.19.1 crore released for relief work

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Water level in the backwater stretches of the rice bowl of Kuttanad was inching towards danger mark on Monday as the rivers Pampa, Achencoil, Manimala and Meenachil began emptying their flood flow into the region.

Villages in this low-lying region are already waterlogged and the Alappuzha district authorities have declared two days holiday for schools in the area. Rough sea conditions along the Kochi coast prevent the flood waters from draining smoothly out of the Vembanad Lake, which stretches from Kochi up north to Kuttanad towards the south.

At the southern end of Kuttanad, the Irrigation Department has opened the Thottappally spillway and cut open the narrow stretch of sand bar separating the sea and the backwaters to facilitate the drainage of floodwaters from the region.

The sea was rough along the Thottappally stretch also. There are no reports about the collapse of any of the bunds that protect the sprawling paddy fields of the region. Farmers who have launched Kuttanads second crop are on a day-night vigil on the bunds.

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