Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Air conditioners sell like hot cakes

KOCHI: As a blistering sun bakes the city and its occupants wilt under the sweltering heat, air conditioners are selling like hot cakes sending its dealers laughing all the way to the bank.

�There is almost a hundred per cent rise in the sale of air conditioners this year. We have sold almost double the units this January alone compared to last January,� said V.A. Ajmal, managing director of the Bismi, an outlet in the city dealing in electrical appliances.

And April when the summer peaks and the sale of air conditioners normally hit the roof is a full month away. M.A. Rafi, branch manager of Videocon heading operations in Kochi expects a substantial increase in sales during March. �We expect a projected sales growth of 30 to 40 per cent,� he said.

Air conditioners with one ton capacity are the most in demand. The average price of a one top-capacity air conditioner hovers in range of Rs. 16,000, that of a 1.5 ton Rs. 20,000 while the average price of a 0.80 ton one is in the range of Rs. 14,000. Along with the cost factor, the customers now weigh in the star rating of the air conditioner which denotes its power efficiency. �The urban customers here are fully aware of the star rating and gives it due importance along with the cost factor,� Mr. Rafi said.

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