Wednesday, February 24, 2010

�Hands-on training in newspaper making

MALAPPURAM: Students of 10 high schools in Malappuram educational sub-district got hands-on training in newspaper production on Wednesday, thanks to an innovative move by the Vidyarangam Kala Sahitya Vedi.

The students did everything�identifying, reporting, editing and making the pages.

Before venturing out to collect news, the students listened carefully to the theory of newspaper production. Anil Kurupan, a teacher-journalist, led the workshop in which the students were introduced to different aspects of covering news and making pages.

Ten teams of students with three members in each group went around Malappuram town collecting news.

They spoke to workers in the market, visitors at the Kottakunnu Art Gallery, commuters at the municipal bus stand and visited public places where garbage was dumped.

The students regrouped at St. Gemmas High School here and in 90 minutes 10 exquisite wall newspapers were brought out. Each of them carried unique names and flags. They laid stress on matters of civic importance.

The number of news stories on the pages varied from four to eight.

Knowing the importance of layout in selling the product, the students drew pictures and sketches to lift the stories.

An exhibition of newspapers was also organised as part of the workshop.

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