Saturday, June 5, 2010

Be wary of bad roads, poor visibility: police

Thiruvananthapuram: The district police are bracing for an increase in night-time accidents with the arrival of the monsoon. Low visibility and slippery roads are the chief causes of accidents during the season.

Traffic-enforcers said morning-walkers and bicyclists, who were most at risk, should wear brightly coloured or reflective clothing to help motorists spot them better in the cover of rain and darkness.

Schoolchildren travelling without adult escorts should carry bright coloured bags with reflective stickers, sport markedly coloured umbrellas or wear bright rain coats.

As many as 50 pedestrians were killed in road accidents in the city last year. The toll this year till April is 11. The victims included morning-walkers and students. The police said the causalities were chiefly those who walked on their left hand side (wrong side) of the road.

Motorists often engaged yellow-tinted fog lamps and powerful halogen bulbs, even in relatively well-lit urban areas, for increased visibility during the monsoon.

Such indiscriminate use of powerful headlights by drivers and reluctance to dip headlamps on incoming vehicles disoriented other motorists and often caused accidents.

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