Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wild elephant saved from well

Palakkad (Kerala), Jun 5 (PTI) A wild elephant that fell into a 20-foot-deep well at a village near here was rescued unharmed and let back into forest in the wee hours today after 22 hours of hectic efforts.

The she-elephant, which appeared to be a three-year-old, was enabled to walk up through a path created by digging up a side of the well, using excavators.

Two trained elephants, known in local parlance as kunkis, were brought to the spot by late last night to tackle the wild jumbo in case it turned violent after getting out of the well.

According to wildlife officials, the elephant did not create any problem as it was led to the forest fringes by the trained elehphants and forest guards.

The jumbo, member of a herd that strayed into the village from Valayar forest on Tamil Nadu borders, slipped into the disused well without wall or fencing.

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