Monday, June 7, 2010

Consensus evolving at Kinaloor, say CPI(M) leaders

KOZHIKODE: The president and vice-president of the CPI(M)-controlled Panangad panchayat, where the industrial growth centre of the Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) in Kinaloor is located, released on Monday a list of persons who had agreed to give their land for the road development project and appealed to all concerned to support efforts aimed at development of the region.

K. Balakrishnan, president, and Ismail Kurumboil, vice-president of Panangad panchayat, said they were confident of evolving a consensus on the project and the list of local people who had consented to give land was proof of the growing public support for the project.

They claimed it was becoming clear to the local people that road development was crucial for the growth of the industrial centre and resisting the project would be seen as an anti-development move.

�Let us rise above narrow religious and political considerations and support efforts to develop the growth centre at Kinaloor, Mr. Balakrishnan and Mr. Ismail Kurumboil said in a statement.

They said investors who had evinced interest in the growth centre had backed out as the region lacked infrastructural facilities

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