Thursday, June 10, 2010

It is Brazil vs Argentina here

MALAPPURAM: Football fans came out in motorbikes, autorickshaws, cars and vans in a road show in Malappuram on Thursday evening, conveying the towns excitement at the start of the World Cup football tournament in South Africa from Friday. There were fans of Argentina and Brazil, wearing the team jerseys, united in the jubilation.

The fans danced to the tune of Ricky Martins Cup of Life, singing Go, go, go� ole, ole, ole � , as crowds watched in amusement. The rally disrupted the flow of traffic, but people did not mind the inconvenience.

�It is only once in four years. Lets enjoy it, said Mujeeb Rahman, an Albiceleste fan.

But some did not agree. �What kind of craze is this? What do they thing they get by this merrymaking by blocking the roads,� wondered Sayed Salid Aydeed, journalist and social worker from Munniyoor, Tirurangadi.

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