Monday, June 7, 2010

Murder at waiting shed: nephew held

KOCHI: The nephew of the person found dead at a bus waiting shed at Varappuzha on June 4 was arrested by the police on charges of murder.

Thankappan, 49, Varappuzha was found murdered after his head was smashed using a boulder. His brothers son Shaji, 39, of Varappuzha, was arrested on Sunday.

The police said that the accused had a quarrel with his brother and walked out of the house they were staying on rent at Koonamavu at around midnight on the night of the murder. While he was going towards their home under construction at Chirakkakathu, he found the victim at a bus waiting shed at Varappuzha.

Shaji got infuriated after Thankappan abused him.

The accused told the police that his uncle used to abuse him in public and accused his family of snatching everything from him.

In a sudden rage, he picked up a boulder from near the worksite and killed Thankappan using it, the police said

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