Friday, June 11, 2010

Internet libraries in 2,000 rural houses

Thiruvananthapuram: As many as 2,000 houses in villages across the State will soon be key players in the knowledge economy.

They will soon assume a new role as Internet libraries under a project taken up by the government of India in association with the P.N.Panicker Foundation and the Confederation of NGOs in Rural India (CNRI).

While the Central government will provide a subsidy of Rs.4,500 to equip the houses with computers, the BSNL will provide broadband connectivity.

The loan taken for purchasing the computer can be repaid every month along with the telephone bill.

�Empowerment through knowledge is the ultimate objective of the scheme, a spokesman for the P.N.Panicker Foundation said here.

The computers will be supplied on a monthly instalment scheme under an agreement signed by the government with HCL computers and Novatium Solutions. Apart from the subsidy of Rs.4,500, the beneficiary will also get a five-year maintenance guarantee.

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