Monday, June 7, 2010

City zoo gets Lion-tailed Macaque

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Playful, trusting strangers, not in the least timid or violent� Ammu may not be your average �wild Lion-tailed Macaque (LTM), but for the city zoo, she may just be what the doctor ordered for its Macaque breeding programme.

The year-and-half-old Lion-tailed Macaque was brought by road from Muthanga where it was captured by the Forest Department about a month ago.

Ammus new home has been designated by the Central Zoo Authority as a macaque breeding centre.

One thing about Ammu struck the team led by vet Joe Jacob Sebastian that went to bring her over; there was no �monkey business about this Macaque.

�As soon as we met, she scampered over to me. Throughout the tiring journey from Muthanga, she never got ill-tempered. This led us to conclude that though she is seemingly wild, the macaque may actually have been hand-reared by someone, Dr. Sebastian said.

Lion-tailed Macaques are not normally seen in Wayanad

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