Sunday, June 6, 2010

Use science for progress: Kalam

KOCHI: The former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has called upon school students to consider science as a lifetime mission. Addressing Sastra Pratibha Sangamam, a meeting organised by the Swadeshi Science Movement here on Sunday, he exhorted them to take a pledge that no problem could defeat them.

Recalling the pioneering scientific work done by scientists such as J.C. Bose and S.N. Bose, he said the new challenge before the country was to find out how science and scientists could play a vital role in making the nation economically developed in another decade. �I call this economic transformation as the second Independence movement for the nation, he said.

As per the Global Innovation Index 2009, South Korea is ranked 1; U.S.A. 2; Japan-3; Sweden-4; and India 15. There is a relationship between innovation index and competitiveness. Even though India is 15 in innovation index, our ranking in the global competitiveness index is 49 in 2009-10. India will have to depend on the technologies derived from Indian science originality and improve its position.

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